English language lessons


Private or group lessons and classes for all ages: at home or online

3 – 5 year old children

  • Songs, first sounds and first stories.

A child learns a foreign language faster if we are able to involve all of his senses when teaching it. It is not only about listening but also sight and touch. All of these play a fundamental role in the development of your child’s mental faculties: memory, imagination, willpower etc. Many studies have shown that, thanks to greater brain elasticity, a 3-year-old learns the sounds of a foreign language more fluently and faster than a 10-year-old. For this reason, we believe that it is important to be exposed to English from an early age.

Of the many methods that have been researched and tested, Popcorn English chooses Jolly Phonics, a multi-sensory and engaging method for your child, considered the most suitable for learning English. Jolly Phonics is well structured and guarantees lasting results. Click here to find out more.


6 Р10 year old children 

  • Learning to read and write in English: from the first words to a story

Reading is your way to discover and learn about the world. Writing is your way to communicate with the world. These language skills will enable your child to master English as early as elementary school. Knowing how to read and write in a foreign language also represents a treasure for the future. Its value will grow as knowledge and experience increase. Thanks to Jolly Phonics, your child will still be given the tools he needs, but over time, he is going to learn to read and write independently in a clear and expressive way.


Teenagers 11 – 20 years old

  • Interactive lessons, homework help and preparation for Cambridge ESOL and IELTS certifications.

Expressing yourself in a foreign language is an invaluable asset for your future. Most employers in 2021 will require an excellent level of written and spoken English. If you wish to study or live abroad, or even dream to go backpacking, you’ll need to know how to speak English

We offer private or group lessons, tailored to your needs and the time you have.


  • Out of passion or for the pleasure of improving a language learned many years ago.

Whether it’s for travelling or for a new job, we can find a tailor made solution for you.

Here’s why more than 1000 people in Ticino have already learnt with Popcorn English in 2020:

  • Finally improve your pronunciation
  • Feel comfortable with a native speaker
  • Lessons based on your starting level (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced)
  • Lessons when and where you want: during your lunch break, on Zoom, before or after work
  • Business meetings or public speaking preparation
  • No obligation to sign up for a long term course

Lessons can be individual or in a group. Everything can be in person or online in full compliance with current regulations on social distancing.

The most important aspect is to immediately understand what your motivation is and what your goals are. That’s why we offer you a free, no-obligation 30-minute initial meeting and assessment (face-to-face or on Zoom). Click here to find out more.