Popcorn English


We learn English for different reasons: to travel, for work, to watch Netflix without subtitles (or to be able to read subtitles), to rediscover the pleasure of communicating in a foreign language. The most important thing is to find out what your motivation is and what your goals are. That’s why we offer you a free, no-obligation 30-minute initial assessment (face-to-face or on Zoom).


What do we do?

Popcorn English teachers offer a tailor-made lesson plan based on your goals, the amount of time you have available, and your starting level (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced).

If, for example, your focus is being able to have a conversation with clients, the lessons’ focus¬† can’t be learning irregular verbs by heart, but rather:

  • know how to have a conversation
  • learn essential phrasal verbs for a smooth and enjoyable conversation
  • learn what expressions are used by the British, Americans or Australians.


What resources do we use?

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