Why Popcorn English?


At the end of last year I decided it was time to combine my passion for foreign languages and children to do something meaningful.

Six months later, and a good amount of sleepless nights spent studying and writing assignments, I became a foreign language teacher. ❤️ Technically I had already been teaching for a while, however I had never taken an official qualification for it.

Fast forward to the end of summer and Popcorn English 🍿 was founded – my own business. Being a teacher is about inspiring students and giving them tools to succeed. In return, as a teacher, I’m blessed to learn valuable lessons from each of my sixty-one students on a daily basis.

Yesterday I baked and shared my birthday cake with ten 4-year-olds. I let them blow 29 candles, which took a considerable amount of time and energy 😂, and then listened to them singing  h a p p y b i r t h d a y 🎂 in English, which isn’t their first language.

A very special moment and gift.


Vanessa Digoncelli – Popcorn English Founder