Easter and Quarantine


It is surely a different one but when you stop and think about it: it’s still a wonderful day. We have everything, or almost everything, we need. There was food in my fridge this morning, someone I love next to me and many more I love on Zoom or Whatsapp. 🐣

Many are working today, others don’t have food, so many have no one to love. Stop and be grateful for what you have. Yes, a lot has changed. People lost their jobs, everyone has had to change habits, learn and adapt but we’ll get through it. ☀️ No matter how small your apartment is, whether you’re alone or with someone right now, if you stay positive (and do some yoga) you’ll get through it. ❤️ On top of a hay bale from one of my favourite places, wishing you all a wonderful Easter or simply Sunday. 🌿


Vanessa Digoncelli – Popcorn English Founder