Your ‘I can’ is more important than your IQ


This photo is where I’d rather be, even just for an hour. I miss the mountains, snow and silence – although it’s pleasantly silent here in Lugano too.


”Your ‘I can’ is more important than your IQ”

By Robin Sharma, considered one of the top leadership experts on planet Earth, as well as my favourite author for a while now. .

According to Robin, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things once they start believing they can. Of course, nothing happens overnight (just like Rome wasn’t built in a day). In fact, it takes a good 66 days of practice to wire in a new mindset, a habit or a new way of being.

These slower days of quarantine, all the extra time we’re given, when you stop and reflect: it’s a gift. I’ve been starting to think about what to do with it. Perhaps improve my French, read more books, learn something new. Also, though, I’m thinking of SHARING. What can I share and give back to the community I live in?


Wishing you all a wonderful #iostoacasa weekend 🎉


Vanessa Digoncelli – Popcorn English Founder